Mandala Vinyasa Practices 

with Malin Tennent

Launches 5th October 2020



Mandala Vinyasa Practices

The intention of the Mandala Vinyasa practice is to honour the creative energy in all its manifestations. It opens us to a deeper level or introspection as we move and expand around the mat. It allows us to access a deeper level of awareness than what we might experience through a more linear practice.

The power of the practice resides in the fact that it follows a specific purpose and methodology. This can be a focus towards an element, a chakra or a muscle group. This clear intention of the practice allows us to revisit groups of muscles or target areas of the body that helps us reach our goal. This repetition is a constant message that starts with Yin Yoga, runs through Sun Salutations and is reinforced in different perspectives in both the standing and seated series.

Each element will give a unique experience and an insight into the power of working with nature. Depending on their constitution each student will have their own personal experience, using their own intuition and knowledge to move around the mat whilst being open to the creativity and possibilities of the practice. 



Malin Tennent



 4 x 90 minute guided Vinyasa practices each focussing around one of the four elements:

Water, Earth, Fire and Air